Case Studies


Online Artisan Gift Catalog

The launch of an upscale online gift catalog was unique in two ways. The site was to feature the high-end work of American artisans, and the descriptive content was to showcase each item’s features and benefits in a narrative fashion. The company contracted Janlong Communications to come on board to begin the creative copywriting challenge.

Jan Long took physical possession of the inventory to study the products in detail. She recorded measurements, colors, and tested how each gift item would be used prior to writing copy. What followed was bringing each product to life through creative narratives while providing exact dimensions and details. The goal of individualizing the website’s merchandise with an unprecedented content style was accomplished.


Administrative Resource Options

This well-established outsourced office management services company needed a new corporate brochure as a sales tool. The piece had to coincide with its existing website messaging. While much of the brochure content would be repurposed from the web pages, it still needed a compelling headline and a more direct solutions-driven message up front. ARO invited Janlong Communications to deliver the copy.

By listening to the CEO talk about the core values, purpose and benefits of this WBE Certified company, Janlong was able to define its unique selling proposition. This became the compelling headline. Expanding upon the USP, Jan Long was able to convey the WIFM messaging in more clear detail. The company now has a fresh new sales piece that complements its website communications.


Tressler LLP

A partner at a Chicago-area law firm served as chair of a national law seminar. She was called upon to provide the seminar’s welcoming remarks. With little time to do so, she was confident enough to have Jan Long write the speech that she would deliver to an audience of 500 attorneys.

Crafting the copy first began with learning exactly what the theme of the event would be, as well as who would be the honored guests to be referenced and/or introduced. From this information, Jan Long was able to create appropriate remarks that combined humor, camaraderie and immediacy to reflect the event’s serious theme of diversity. The seminar’s kick-off went smoothly and the powerful quote to end the welcoming remarks was often repeated long after the seminar itself was over.


Orion Landscape Design & Construction

The landscape/hardscape firm had been in business for 10 years. It was one of the more progressive landscapers to use digital imagery offering clients on-screen views of potential garden layouts. While Orion was utilizing cutting-edge technology, it had yet to establish its own Web site. It turned to Janlong Communications to help change that.

We studied Orion’s markets and services. Concise content covering the company’s offerings made surfing the site easy and informative. We seeded verbal “mindscapes” throughout that tied into the site’s landscape visuals. At last, Orion’s image sprouted to the cutting-edge level at which it needed to be.


HealthQuest Fitness

This new health and fitness center wanted to increase its membership through a postcard direct mail campaign. While the facility was unique in its spa-type environment, it still needed to define, more specifically, how it differed from its competition.

Janlong reviewed the club’s offerings and benefits. Many were similar to other fitness facilities, but we discovered one unique advantage – No Contracts – that we used as the campaign’s central theme. Writing the rest of the copy around this headline gave HealthQuest a great direct mail piece driven by its unique selling proposition advantage.


Gary Swiontek, Photographer

Photographer and graphic designer, Gary Swiontek, needed a professional sounding biography to display along side his photo exhibits at gallery showings. He had drafted some copy of his own, but was looking for something with more pizzazz and that reflected his professionalism.

After studying Gary’s photographs and reviewing his captions, we wrote copy that better translated his vision and passion for documenting life on film. The finished piece provides verbal snapshots of his work, his impressions and creative background all wrapped in a pizzazzy package.



The skills and experience of the PlanCommunications owners were at executive levels. Their start-up company, however, was at the fledgling stage. They gave Janlong the opportunity to create brochure copy that would match the company’s profile to the professional caliber of its leadership.

We forged copy that clearly speaks to the PlanComm audience. It outlines the company’s performance, services and advantages in a fashion that equates it to any seasoned competitor within the telecommunications industry. The copy blocks are tight, targeted and rich with information that presents PlanComm as an experienced and valuable telecommunications resource.

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